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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Practices for a Pleasant Pregnancy

When you learn the good news that a baby is on the way, you want to do all you can to take care of your health and the health of the baby.

First, yes, you can absolutely continue taking your SuperMom tablets.  SuperMom is a great pre-natal vitamin.  If you're not already taking 2 a day, you should be sure to take 2 every day.  You can take them together after breakfast or lunch, or you can take one in the morning and one later in the day--whatever seems to be best for you.

Here is an excerpt from an article entitled "Practices for a Pleasant Pregnancy."  The author is Mary Ewing, a part-time employee of Beeyoutiful.

"After three pregnancies, each featuring a number of 'pregnancy symptoms' and baby complications following the birth, I had resigned myself to the idea that all my pregnancies would be difficult, and my health would never be great while pregnant. Still, I envied women who actually enjoyed pregnancy. Many feel wonderful and love every minute of it. But I had never experienced such a thing!  Throwing up was a way of life form me with most of my pregnancies-sometimes the entire nine months. I was constipated, had blood sugar problems, anemia, back aches, swelling…you name it!
"Since I was convinced a lot of my problems centered on nutrition, I decided to change my diet and be faithful with supplementation to see if my next pregnancy would be any better.  The first few weeks of my fourth (and current) pregnancy were still hard-tiredness, vomiting, migraines, and dizziness-but I stuck with my plan to stay on a healthier diet, get moderate exercise, and use supplements. Slowly I noticed a difference and by week 15, I was actually starting to feel good. By 20 weeks, I consistently felt wonderful. For the first time ever, I was pregnant and felt fine at the same time. 
"Despite my success, I was quaking in my boots as I went for gestational diabetes and anemia checks around 30 weeks. I just knew some of my problem was 'genetically me.' I’ve always battled hypoglycemia and anemia, so when my midwife took blood samples, we waited nervously as her machine ticked down the seconds. I almost fell off her couch when the results came back not only normal but textbook normal. As the weeks have passed, I continue to feel fine, sleep well, and have fairly decent energy levels. 
"So what did I do this time? Three things:
2. Moderate Exercise
3. Good rest."

Check back later this week for more from this very helpful article.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Liquid B-12

Good for your heart, good for your brain, good for your mood!

While just one part of the total B Complex, B12 is a vital one that our culture often lacks. Best sourced from grassfed meats, dairy and free ranged eggs, this water soluble vitamin is not only a key nutrient but also potentiates several other nutrients such as iron and Vitamin A, allowing your body to fully use and absorb all the nutrition it needs from these nutrients.

While B-12 can be beneficial for a wide range of functions in the body, it does seem to be of significant benefit for your heart, brain, and energy levels! It seems to help prevent heart disease by lowering homocysteine levels, which are one of the key reasons that we see heart disease develop. It also helps generate healthy red blood cells, which in turn protects against anemia. Prolonged anemia can cause damage to the heart and other organs!

Brain food could be another way to describe B-12! Studies have shown that adequate intake of B-12 can actually increase mental capacity. Regular intake of B-12 has also shown to help stabilize moods and decrease depression capacity. Elderly, especially those suffering from dementia, have been encouraged to take B-12 in conjunction with folate to help decrease the likelihood of their symptoms worsening. While it is unclear at this time if dementia is caused by a deficiency in B-12, the benefits from taking it are undeniable.

While decreased energy alone is not necessarily indicative of deficiencies in B-12, it can often be the underlying cause or play a part in it. Nevertheless getting sufficient B-12 either through diet or supplementation can help restore energy levels and keep energy levels raised at a cellular level, primarily since it helps with DNA synthesis. Since it is water soluble, excess B-12 is shed in the urine and does not build up in the body. This is important because 1. If you intake too much, it will not harm you and 2. It is necessary to intake regularly through diet and/or supplementation because your body will not store excess for future use!

The groups that are specifically at risk for B-12 deficiencies are the elderly, vegetarians, those with GI disorders or malabsorption problems, and pregnant or lactating women who either intake insufficient amounts of B-12 or are vegetarians.

Note: To achieve maximum benefit, please hold in the mouth and allow to stay under the tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds. This allows the B-12 to be asborbed through the sublingual area.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SMICA XC at the Monkey C Monkey Run

It seems appropriate to follow a post about SuperKids
with another post about some super kids!

The Cross Country team of Shades Mountain Independent Church Academy participated in the Monkey C Monkey Run 5K this past Saturday,
September 8, 2012, in Homewood, AL.

The Team placed 2nd overall, finishing only seconds behind the winning team.

Team Top Finishers:
1 Noah Underwood (20:19)
2 Fisher Watkins (20:22)
3 Josh Horton (21:19)
4 Micah Haley (22:12)
5 Bekah Horton (24:01)
6 Anderson Underwood (24:13)
7 Jackson Clark (24:22)
8 Nathaniel Haley (25:53)
(Click here for all individual race results.) 
Bethany Deuel (26:44) 5th place; 141st overall      
Rebekah Smith (28:53) 7th place; 205th overall
Lucy Downey (29:29) 8th place; 231st overall
Mia Horton (32:36) 10th place; 358th overall
Sarah Dortch (43:42) 19th place; 593rd overall


Bekah Horton (24:01) 1st place; 57th overall
Rebekah Rotenberry (27:48) 5th place; 173rd overall
Gabrielle Dortch (28:32) 6th place; 191st overall
Sarah Hill (28:53) 8th place; 203rd overall
Lydia Deuel (29:33) 9th place; 233rd overall
Olivia Smith (30:50) 11th place; 283rd overall
Megan Smith (32:10) 16th place; 345th overall

Josh Horton (21:19) 2nd place; 18th overall
Nathaniel Haley (25:53) 10th place; 106th overall
Matthew Dortch (26:40) 12th place; 139th overall
Weston Akin (28:57) 17th place; 206th overall
Alec Rogers (32:43) 24th place; 361st overall
Noah Underwood (20:19) 1st place; 10th overall
Fisher Watkins (20:22) 2nd place; 11th overall
Micah Haley (22:12) 4th place; 29th overall
Anderson Underwood (24:13) 8th place; 59th overall
Jackson Clark (24:22) 10th place; 66th overall
Josiah Haley (29:56) 15th place; 254th overall
Phillip Reeves (32:17) 16th place; 352nd overall