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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Practices for a Pleasant Pregnancy

When you learn the good news that a baby is on the way, you want to do all you can to take care of your health and the health of the baby.

First, yes, you can absolutely continue taking your SuperMom tablets.  SuperMom is a great pre-natal vitamin.  If you're not already taking 2 a day, you should be sure to take 2 every day.  You can take them together after breakfast or lunch, or you can take one in the morning and one later in the day--whatever seems to be best for you.

Here is an excerpt from an article entitled "Practices for a Pleasant Pregnancy."  The author is Mary Ewing, a part-time employee of Beeyoutiful.

"After three pregnancies, each featuring a number of 'pregnancy symptoms' and baby complications following the birth, I had resigned myself to the idea that all my pregnancies would be difficult, and my health would never be great while pregnant. Still, I envied women who actually enjoyed pregnancy. Many feel wonderful and love every minute of it. But I had never experienced such a thing!  Throwing up was a way of life form me with most of my pregnancies-sometimes the entire nine months. I was constipated, had blood sugar problems, anemia, back aches, swelling…you name it!
"Since I was convinced a lot of my problems centered on nutrition, I decided to change my diet and be faithful with supplementation to see if my next pregnancy would be any better.  The first few weeks of my fourth (and current) pregnancy were still hard-tiredness, vomiting, migraines, and dizziness-but I stuck with my plan to stay on a healthier diet, get moderate exercise, and use supplements. Slowly I noticed a difference and by week 15, I was actually starting to feel good. By 20 weeks, I consistently felt wonderful. For the first time ever, I was pregnant and felt fine at the same time. 
"Despite my success, I was quaking in my boots as I went for gestational diabetes and anemia checks around 30 weeks. I just knew some of my problem was 'genetically me.' I’ve always battled hypoglycemia and anemia, so when my midwife took blood samples, we waited nervously as her machine ticked down the seconds. I almost fell off her couch when the results came back not only normal but textbook normal. As the weeks have passed, I continue to feel fine, sleep well, and have fairly decent energy levels. 
"So what did I do this time? Three things:
2. Moderate Exercise
3. Good rest."

Check back later this week for more from this very helpful article.

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