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Friday, August 15, 2014

Yeast Assassin Lite

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post
("I'm not sick. I just don't feel good!")
 about curbing yeast overgrowth and boosting the growth of good bacteria.

If you are a pregnant mom, a nursing mother, a young teenager, or an adult who has had trouble with previous yeast cleanses, consider taking Yeast Assassin Lite instead of Yeast Assassin.

Yeast Assassin Lite includes only one ingredient:  caprylic acid. 

Caprylic acid is an essential fatty acid naturally derived from coconut oil and palm kernel oil.  It is easily digested and is safe for pregnancy.

Our family is taking a big step starting Sunday.  Several of us will be starting the 30-day regimen of 4 Yeast Assassin and 4 Acidophilus Blast.  We're modifying the regimen slightly for our 12-year-old who will take 4 Yeast Assassin Lite and 2 Acidophilus Blast daily.  We're all planning to either reduce or eliminate entirely our sugar consumption.  We've had a lot of ice cream this summer!  I hope we can make this change without too much pain!

We'd love to hear from anyone else who is working to curb yeast overgrowth.  And if you have some good recipes for desserts that don't include sugar, please let us hear from you!  

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