Eric and Melissa Smith

Helena, Alabama

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"I'm not sick. I just don't feel good!"

"I'm not sick.  I just don't feel good!"

I'm smiling at the incorrect grammar but wincing at the truth of the statement.  Can you identify with this? 

It's hard to eat right, to drink plenty of water, to avoid processed foods, to reduce sugar intake, etc.  So you limp along, doing the best you can--not really sick, just not feeling really well.

Maybe the problem is in your gut--your intestines.

Yeast and bacteria live in your gut.  You need them both for your good health.  The typical American diet with lots of white sugar and flour feeds yeast almost continuously.  Diet alone can cause the yeast/bacteria balance to be disturbed.  Now add to that a round or two of antibiotics.  That antibiotic you took didn't just eliminate the infection you wanted to treat; it also killed of much of the good bacteria your body needs to stay well.

Yeast craves sugar.  When your yeast and bacteria are out of balance, your body craves sugar--the very thing that will perpetuate the imbalance.  Chances are that feeding your sweet tooth will pave the way for weight gain, fatigue, and achy joints, all of which make exercise difficult or impossible.  You want to change your diet.  You know you need to eat more probiotic-rich foods and eliminate sugar.  But that's easier said than done!  Your yeast wants less of the good stuff and more sugar.  

What can be done to reverse this vicious cycle?

A 30-day regimen of a yeast killer and a probiotic boost can help you make this turn-around.

We recommend 4 Yeast Assassin per day--2 with or after breakfast and 2 with or after dinner--and 4 Acidophilus Blast per day--before meals and at bedtime.  Taking these supplements for 30 days while also avoiding or eliminating sugar from your diet will be extremely helpful.  (Pregnant women and nursing mothers may take Yeast Assassin Lite instead of Yeast Assassin.)

Most people find relief from their troublesome symptoms in the first 30 days.  Some symptoms, especially those that have been present for a very long time, may take longer to respond.  You may want to continue the Yeast Assassin/Acidophilus Blast for another month or so until you see improvement in your health issues.

We recommend following this regimen with 2 Tummy Tuneup per day for at least 2-3 months.  This will help keep the yeast overgrowth from recurring. 

Don't wait.  Start today reclaiming your intestinal health.  If you can do it by changing your diet alone, good for you!  If you need a little help, Yeast Assassin and Acidophilus Blast are available.

Share your stories, please!  Your comments may encourage someone else in the process of reclaiming their health. 

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