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Helena, Alabama

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SuperKids Chewable Vitamins!


SuperKids Chewable Berry Vitamins are a delicious way to provide key essential nutrients needed for a growing child in a fun, tongue-pleasing little bite! Since these playful vitamins are sweetened with only Stevia and Xylitol and use natural, derived from fruits and vegetables color to enhance their appeal, you can be confident about the ingredients going into your child’s body.

Optimally, all the nutrition a body needs would come from our diets, but it is a common problem to have small nutritional gaps left by picky eaters, lack of nutrients in our foods, or other circumstances. Using Beeyoutiful’s SuperKids Chewable Berry can help to bridge any gaps of vital nutrients needed for growing children as they are continuing to form strong bones, fast and witty brains, and overall health and vitality.

SuperKids Chewable differs from SuperKids Liquid in that it does contain a small amount of iron to help combat iron deficiency, which can lead to ADHD and learning problems. We suggest coupling this with a diet rich in eggs, meat, fish, legumes, molasses and greens.

Chewable Berry Superkids is designed to appeal to children who may dislike the taste or texture of the liquid SuperKids vitamins. It is also a more portable, less messy form that is easier to travel with than the liquid. Steve and Steph Tallent (Owners of Beeyoutiful) use both the liquid and chewable versions of SuperKids with their children. Liquid is their preference and is used at home while SuperKids chewable is what they pack to use for overnight trips or when life is too busy to make time to dole out the liquid servings or mix it in smoothies.

Beeyoutiful highly suggests considering taking SuperKids Chewable Berry with a probiotic like Tummy Tuneup and a Cod Liver Oil supplement for optimal fat soluble vitamin intake.

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