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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


SuperMom is a high-potency, iron-rich multivitamin, fortified with green superfoods. These multivitamins blend crucial vitamins and minerals to fill nutritional gaps, support good health, and provide energy. SuperMom is for women who need broad spectrum nutritional support while pregnant, nursing and/or keeping up with a busy household, but is beneficial to women in all stages of life.

I stumbled on a wonderful blog post this week. "Healthy State of Mama" by Cindy M. Jones is not only about SuperMom vitamins but about responding to health issues. Cindy has graciously given me permission to share her post here. I hope it encourages you.

Healthy State of Mama
by Cindy M. Jones

"About ten years ago my health took a nose dive. I was plagued with hair loss, insomnia, migraines with vomiting, fatigue, depression and three months of walking pneumonia.

"I really did not think that I would live much longer. In fact I was so concerned that I was not going to make it that I took out a life insurance policy for myself in case I died. I wanted to make sure that my husband and my children would be taken care of if I died.

"I had gone to every type of doctor you could think of and no one seemed to know how to cure my symptoms. After almost a year of desperate attempts to find a cure for all the odd and unexplainable problems that I was having, I began to realize that my problems were essentially not my health as much as it was my spiritual condition.

"Quite honestly I was living in sin. I was living a life that was unacceptable nor glorifying to God. I knew I had to turn my life around. One of the main components I believe that led to so much sickness was unforgiveness. I had blamed too many people for all my problems. Instead of bringing them to God and asking him to remove my bitterness, hatred, rage and rebellion, I wanted to brew in it all and feel sorry for myself.

"I knew I had to make changes or I might quite possibly meet my maker. I realized I had no right to seek my own revenge. As I began my spiritual journey in submitting to God, He sent many other people and media my way that helped.

"It wasn’t long till I was getting on the right track to good health. One of the avenues came in the form of a small ad in a newsletter that I received from No Greater Joy Ministries. It was a new supplemental and vitamin company called The vitamin that the magazine raved about was Supermom. This vitamin contained many of the energy supplements that most women’s bodies deplete of after a pregnancy. Because I had tried everything else, I figured “Why not,” and sent for the Supermom vitamin. After about a month of taking the Supermom vitamin, I had more energy, I was now sleeping well, no more hair loss, migraines begin to disappear and I noticed that the depression began to evaporate. I believe God sent those vitamins my way to help me return to a healthy state of Mama.

"The first thing you need to do you if your health is failing is to ask yourself; 'Do I have unforgiveness in my heart? Am I bitter or resentful toward anyone? Have I been rebellious against authority figures in my life such as my parents, husband, church and governmental leaders?'

"God has many ways to deal with us and one of them can be your health. If God chooses to deal with us in this way, there is no where to go. We can't move, we can't run from it, we can't medicate it with anything, all we can do is look up. That is when He has our full attention.

"I’m grateful now for the sickness that I went through. I’m thankful for the year of wondering if I would live or die. It was a year of turning tables for me. It was the year that I finally got serious about my relationship with God.

"Through that season, God brought relationships, products, advice, books, websites, information to various medias that has continued to help me live a pretty decent healthy life.

"Soooo... if you are having problems with your health and you think you need some help...first come to God with a humble attitude. Ask him to deal with your secret sins, unresolved issues, ask him to prod and poke as much as he needs to. Allow him to operate and take out what ever has contaminated any area of your soul.

"Next I would try some of these products. They work for me and hopefully will work for your health and your well-being. May your mind, body and soul be on its road to recovery, to a Healthy State of Mama."

SuperMom is available in tablets and V-caps. The nutritional content is the same (2 tablets = 4 V-caps), but some women find the V-caps easier to swallow.

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  1. Neat story! I have to say.... as a nurse, I have seen depression growing in incidence by leaps and bounds. It was incredible and I'm not much for the
    "medical depression" that seems to be swallowing up our patients.
    Just as this woman understood, unresolved sin and living contrary to the Word of God certainly do cause depression! I've been there myself. Anti-depressants won't fix my problem, but coming before the Lord in genuine repentance has a healing effect like nothing else... :)