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Helena, Alabama

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Berry Well in a 55 Gallon Drum?

Some of our customers have half-jokingly suggested that
Berry Well should be available in a 55-gallon drum!

Well, it's not a 55-gallon drum, but it IS a half-gallon (64 oz.) container!

Steph Tallent of Beeyoutiful: "Due to the large size, this is bottled and shipped in a plastic bottle unlike the glass bottle that the 8 oz Berry Well comes in. This is to help keep it safe during shipping and hopefully reduce the incidences of broken or damaged containers on their way to you. We suggest labeling some glass jars at home (make sure they are clean and sterile!) and putting it in glass as soon as it arrives to you, particularly for longer term storage. Dark glass, or storage in a dark place is recommended. ... The 1/2 Gallon size is made from non-certified organic Elderberries. They come from the same farm that grows the certified organic berries we have been using but the demand outstripped the certified organic fields that they have. These elderberries are all natural and have never been sprayed or had pesticide exposure but are not officially certified as organic. We trust the safety of the source and will be using this with our own families."
Berry Well will continue to be available from Smith Family Resources in the 8 oz. size.  Please click on any Beeyoutiful link on our blog to order your 64 oz. Berry Well!

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