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Helena, Alabama

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yeast Cleanse/Probiotic Boost

Steve Tallent recently wrote about some steps we can take toward better health, specifically toward having healthier intestinal flora.  Here's an excerpt from his article...

"...Here is  the absolute minimum of what you need to know.  A healthy gut contains trillions of good bacteria.  A healthy gut provides up to 70% of the body's immune function.  Antibiotics kill off good bacteria as well as bad.  One dose can kill 50% of the good bacteria in the gut.  Bad bacteria, like weeds, tend to reproduce faster than good and can keep good bacteria from rebuilding their strong colonies. 

"Yeast overgrowth is common in the U.S.  Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include just about every complaint you can possibly muster including fatigue and inability to concentrate, frequent infections, skin conditions, itchiness, diarrhea and constipation, and a host of other things there is no room to list.
"If you're having issues of just about any kind that keep coming back, it is a good indication of an unhealthy gut.  Eating probiotic-rich foods is good for maintaining a healthy gut, but supplementation is required for rapid reclamation of the gut.
"We recommend 3 Yeast Assassin per day along with 4 Acidophilus Blast
to combat yeast for 1 month,
followed by 2 Tummy Tuneup per day for 1 month,
then 1 Gut Guardian per day for 2 months,
then 1 Gut Guardian Supreme per day for 2 months.
Along with that, avoiding sugar, especially in the first month, will be extremely beneficial."

(Pregnant or nursing mothers may use Yeast Assassin Lite instead of Yeast Assassin.)

We know that some of  you have been helped by this yeast cleanse/probiotic boost regimen.
We would love to hear your stories.  Please comment!
Yeast Assassin


  1. When I was a child, my mom didn't make me eat my veggies. When I was a teenager, I took antibiotics for acne. When I was 19 my dermatologist gave me 9 months of Minocycline (tough stuff). I got a yeast infection that went undiagnosed for a few months, then I beat it down with oral Nizoral. I battled the yeast for years, as it recurred hormonally.
    I started taking acidophilus from the store a few years ago. My yeast got really angry! My infection/overgrowth got worse! But by this time, I knew that this transition of flora needed to happen. I tried more acidophilus, then no sugar (boy, my yeast really wanted that sugar) . Topical treatments didn't work. I asked my obgyn for a script of oral Nizoral. I took it for 10 days and it worked. I haven't stopped the "good germ" influx since. Now that I drink raw milk, I don't need to take acidophilus pills. But when I do take Beeyoutiful’s Acidophilus Blast, I can tell that they have more germs than my raw milk. When my friend started drinking raw milk, she got a yeast infection; but that really means her yeast was getting angry and had to find "southern ground." I gave her my last few Nizoral.
    All this to say, most people have yeast overgrowth especially if they have eaten white flour and sugar regularly. It is likely that the yeast will get angry if they start taking probiotics. This is not a problem with the probiotics. It's an indication that the person has a yeast problem that is being pushed out. Usual treatments didn't work for me. Oral antifungals helped me win the battle.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I've had a few people tell me that they couldn't take Tummy Tuneup, because it made their symptoms worse. I'll pass your experience on to them.

      I'd like to suggest Lauricidin for an oral antifungal. It works against yeast infections, too, and without adverse side effects.