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Friday, October 5, 2012

Pleasant Pregnancy

Here's the conclusion to "Practices for a Pleasant Pregnancy," by Mary Ewing.  Click  here and here to read the earlier posts.

"During this pregnancy, I've tried to stay as limber as possible.  In the past, I've tried to stay active, but by 30 weeks, I usually take to the couch.  Backaches are my biggest enemy, along with swelling of the legs and feet, and being generally uncomfortable.  I have found several things to help combat this.

“1. Regular/weekly chiropractor appointments. Find a reputable chiropractor who will work with your midwife or health practitioner to privde the care you need while pregnant...

“2. Bradley-recommended exercises. I had hoped to take a class in the Bradley method this pregnancy-yes, even though it’s my fourth time around! Unfortunately it didn’t fit into our schedules. Yet, I checked several resources out of our local library that offer a few chapters about moderate, appropriate exercise-mainly stretching and positioning...

“3. Drinking plenty of water. Water retention is usually a sign of dehydration. I’ve known this through all my pregnancies but have not followed it as closely as I should. Usually by 30 weeks, I look more like a sausage than a person. But thankfully, between the chiropractor helping blood flow through the pelvis with a loose and straight spinal column, the stretching and increased water consumption, I have not had to battle thick extremities. This is not only beneficial to me but also to the baby. It helps insure good blood flow to the little one.

“4. Get enough sleep. Sometimes easier said than done-but important. Since I am a night owl, I began enforcing an earlier night time for myself and thankfully began sleeping longer stretches. Also, turn off all electronics in your room.

“Even though I haven’t attained that 'perfect'pregnancy yet, I’m excited about the progress on my journey of making this process healthier for myself and my future child. Sitting here tonight, I feel the kicks and jabs of my little one as she stretches and grows, and I’m extremely thankful for the insights I’ve gained over the last few years. I hope it won’t take you as long as it did me to discover the joy of feeling good while pregnant!”

After this article was published, Mary’s fourth baby arrived safely, weighing 7 lbs. and 8 ounces. Mother and baby were both well, which Mary attributed to the nutrient dense diet she enjoyed during her pregnancy.

Was this article helpful to you? Let me know!  Also, I'll be glad to send this article in its entirety to anyone who requests it.

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