Eric and Melissa Smith

Helena, Alabama

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Almond Oil


Does your skin need some extra TLC? Try a few drops of Beeyoutiful's Sweet Almond Oil! It helps promote clear, soft skin while not clogging your pores. Sweet Almond Oil's rich proteins, glucosides, minerals, and vitamins make it a perfect choice for both a moisturizer and base oil. The use of Sweet Almond Oil dates to ancient times when herbs were added to the oil that was pressed from fresh almonds for use as ointments. This oil is no less useful in modern times.

Sweet Almond Oil can be used alone as a terrific moisturizer, especially on delicate skin. Due to the fact that it won't clog your pores, it also makes an ideal carrier for essential oils. This property makes it well suited for use on the bottom of the feet, which is known for its rapid absorption. This multitasking oil is a must have for both old and young alike!

To use as a carrier oil: Measure out the desired amount of Sweet Almond Oil and add the essential oil into the Sweet Almond Oil. Mix well. Always test for skin sensitivities prior to liberal use. Note: If you plan on mixing a larger amount of oil mixtures that will be used immediately, it is usually preferable to store the mixture in an airtight dark glass container to prevent degradation of the essential oils. Light and air will cause the essential oil to break down very rapidly. And the essential oils will actual break down plastic in many cases, so the use of glass is always recommended.

Topical Uses: A few drops of Sweet Almond Oil may be used to remove make-up from skin. After removing, cleanse skin with warm water. Also, after showering, Almond oil may be rubbed directly on skin to "lock in" moisture. For dry skin, it may be rubbed directly on the area. It is a great cuticle repairer!

We believe Sweet Almond Oil enhances the powerful properties of essential oils, making them more beneficial than ever to our family and friends. With the specialty of increasing absorption so that the beneficial and powerful properties are easier for the body to utilize this pure, beautifully delicate oil is a must have.

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