Eric and Melissa Smith

Helena, Alabama

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where to start??

You say you're interested in essential oils, but you don't know where to start??

100% Pure & Natural prunus amygdalus dulcis
Consider starting with Beeyoutiful's Sweet Almond Oil.
This natural oil is extracted from almonds and is a great carrier oil.
It can also be used directly on the skin as a moisturizer or a massage oil.
Many essential oils can cause irritation if used directly on the skin.
They can be used safely when added to a carrier or base oil, such as almond oil.

Sweet Almond Oil mixes well with Beeyoutiful's entire line of essential oils.
Many of our favorite essential oil recipes use almond oil as the carrier oil:
My personal favorite is for
Add 3 drops of lemongrass oil to 1 tsp. of sweet almond oil.
Apply to temples, wrists, bottoms of feet.
This is our family's fever treatment now--so much safer than over-the-counter medications!
 While you're on your way to adding to your supply of essential oils,
you can use sweet almond oil directly on the skin
as a moisturizer
or a massage oil.
It is a great cuticle repairer,
and it can also be used to remove make-up from skin.
Beeyoutiful's Sweet Almond Essential Oil -- the perfect way to start with essential oils!


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  1. This is very helpful, Melissa. Thanks for your informative posts!