Eric and Melissa Smith

Helena, Alabama

Monday, October 24, 2011


Our newest Blog Giveaway is a Milk and Honey Facial Bar! No purchase is necessary to win, and you may enter as many times as you like.

Here are the ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment on any post on this blog.
2. Tell your friends about this giveaway, and leave a comment on this post to tell us what you did.
3. Write a post about this giveaway on your blog, and send us the link in a comment on this post.

Each comment is a separate entry.

BONUS: When you also make a purchase between now and November 15, your entries will be doubled!!

The winner will be selected by a random drawing on Thursday, November 17.  Be sure to check back then to see if you're a winner!

(A general note about commenting... Your comment will appear exactly as you type it.  If you don't want your email address to be posted along with your comment, please don't include it.  If you comment as "Anonymous" and you want us to know who you are, email us at and identify yourself!  Thanks!)


  1. Love the Milk and Honey Facial soap. Count me in.

  2. The Tummy Tune-Up really works! It remains potent at room temperature, unlike store-bought probiotics. I can break it open and give it to my children when they need a "tune-up."

  3. I would love to try the Milk & Honeey Facial Soap.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  4. Hi, Melissa!
    I am always trying new soaps for mine and Sarah's eczema, so I wouldn't mind trying the Milk and Honey facial soap at all!
    I hope you guys are doing great!

  5. We are so thankful for the Tummy Tune Up and the Miracle Skin Salve--both have come in quite handy this past month with sunburns and a mild stomach virus! Thanks for selling these great products!