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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is Your Sweet Tooth Out of Control?

Is your sweet tooth out of control?
Do you find yourself forgetting things that you KNOW you should remember?
Are you tired, lethargic, just plain drained?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you may have a yeast problem.

Take this Yeast Connection Quiz.
This questionnaire was developed by Dr. William Crook, author of The Yeast Connection.

In Beeyoutiful's Winter 2008-2009 catalog, Nancy Webster wrote an excellent article called "Rise Up Against Yeast." Here are some excerpts from that article...

"Late one night after the children were tucked in bed, I pulled out the tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh from that morning. The first crunchy bite thrilled my taste buds as the chocolate bits melted in my mouth. For a repeat sensation, I ate another. Then another. And another. I finished the whole batch without any help from my husband.

"Disgusted with myself, I ripped off a strip of masking tape and hung yet another Bible verse about gluttony in an obvious place on the pantry shelf. Below the verse, I scribbled my vow to never eat sugar again. Then, feeling sick, I crawled into bed, glad I’d never do that again.

"The next morning, when my blood sugar had dropped to absolute zero and life with a houseful of little people was stressful again, I found myself gravitating toward the freezer, where I’d hidden a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream behind several bags of frozen vegetables. I avoided eye-contact with the open pantry door, where I knew my convictions of the night before would haunt me. Once again, I gave in to my love of sugar.

"Have you ever fought this battle? Did-or do-you feel like a vile sinner, guilty, yet trapped? I’ve been so desperate for sugar at times that I’ve eaten the little colored sprinkles used to decorate cookies when all other resources were exhausted!

"Yes, there were times when willpower sustained me, but they never lasted long enough...

"Meanwhile, my arthritic knees, painful since my 30′s, starting hurting so badly I often limped. Itchy rashes broke out regularly on my torso. Eye floaters sent me to a retina specialist. And I found myself having to clear my throat like a tobacco-chewing old lady because of post nasal drip.

"When a friend suggested I check out the possibility I might have a yeast problem, her counsel turned out to be some of the most life changing advice I ever took. After learning about yeast-or candida, its scientific name-I discovered that, like most people in modern civilizations, I was inundated with yeast.

"...Candida is an invasive form of yeast that, when given opportunity, will practically take over the body. It grows root-like fingers through the intestines, into the bloodstream, and on into organs and tissues. Everyone has some candida-along with strep, E coli, and other bad guys-living in their gut. However, these foes are supposed to be kept in check by a proliferation of good bacteria, like the ones that make yogurt so famous.

"The reason most folks have a yeast problem today is because candida is an opportunist. Practically from birth we’ve taken antibiotics, which kill not only the germ causing sickness but the friendly bacteria in the intestines as well. On top of that, immunizations may also attack our good bacteria.

"Most of us have eaten our share of processed and sugary foods. Even if your mom didn’t let you eat many sweets, she probably gave you crackers and breakfast cereal, which eventually break down into sugars. Sugar is yeast’s favorite food, and when yeast takes over, it demands, through your body’s cravings, more and more sugar to satisfy its lust for the stuff . That means my-or your-lack of willpower is not the only reason it’s so hard to resist going back for more cookies and ice cream. Yeast is screaming for a meal!

"...There’s relief available in one of Beeyoutiful’s best-sellers, Yeast Assassin. I love the name, because once I discovered the source of many of my ailments and cravings, I couldn’t wait to kill it!

"Yeast Assassin is a potent combination of herbs known to be mortal enemies of candida: caprylic acid, pau d’arco, black walnut, and oregano oil. Caprylic acid is found naturally in coconut oil, palm oil, butter fat, and human breast milk. It has anti-fungal as well as some anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Pau d’arco is bark from a tropical tree known to be resistant to fungus growth. Pau d’arco has been used since the days of the Incas to build immunity. Black walnut hulls, which are especially high in organic iodine, are another known ally in the candida war (and in expelling parasites!). Oregano oil (my favorite all-purpose essential oil-also sold separately by Beeyoutiful) rounds out this awesome foursome with its anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic powers.

"If you qualify even only slightly on Dr. Crook’s candida questionnaires having a yeast problem, Yeast Assassin is a great, do-able starting point for you to fight back. Take two capsules with breakfast and two with supper. Summon your willpower to fill up with vegetables and meats while slowing your consumption of fruits, honey, and even dairy products. Skip desserts and other junk foods. Learn from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook to make lacto-fermented sauerkraut along with other fermented vegetables and dairy products such as kefir (fermented foods greatly diminish sugar cravings). If you can hang in there for a week while Yeast Assassin hammers at the candida in your system, you’ll start to notice it’s not so hard to avoid 'bad' foods and that you will naturally start to prefer healthier alternatives..."

"At long last, there are no more vows taped to my pantry shelves. Thanks to a successful assassination attempt against yeast, I happily choose vegetables and fruits over sweets and chips-clear evidence that miracles DO happen! As a bonus, I’ve lost my excess weight, most of the pain in my knees is gone, and no more rashes, either! I credit Yeast Assassin and its accompanying supplements as the helping hands I prayed for so many, many nights after a sugarfest. May I suggest you try it, too? And start your own uprising against yeast."

Pregnant or nursing mothers will be glad to know that Beeyoutiful's Yeast Assassin Lite is available! It is made of caprylic acid without the potentially harmful-in-pregnancy extra ingredients found in regular Yeast Assassin.

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