Eric and Melissa Smith

Helena, Alabama

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Special

During the month of September, we want you to hear from you. Post a comment on this blog, telling us about your favorite product and how it has helped you or someone in your family. We'll give you 10% off your next total order! Post twice and receive a 10% discount on your next two orders! We look forward to hearing from you! This offer expires September 30, 2010.

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    Our daughter was born with a sensitive stomach. I didn't realize that it was more sensitive then normal until talking to other moms. Although she was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks anytime we traveled or my diet changed she was up at night with terrible gas. I learned quickly what not to eat and baby gas medicine became our constant companion. As she started table food it was always a guessing game about what would bother her and what wouldn't. Visiting family was always a nightmare. She would want to eat what everyone else was eating, I wouldn't be as careful as I should and she would be up for 2-4 hours every night.
    We have used SuperMom and other Beeyoutiful products with great success so I decided to see what was offered. When I saw Tummy Tuneup I decided to try it. It came the same week close friends had a tummy virus. I put half a capsule in our daughters yogurt for breakfast and took 2 myself. Everyday after that I had one. We didn't get the virus. Several days later we were at a big cook-out, the only options were sausage or hot-dogs. I knew this would be the test. After we went home I took another tummy tuneup before feeding her. That night she slept all the way though-no gas, no trouble! Wow! We've had no problems since. I've thrown out the baby gas medicine and carry Tummy Tuneup on every trip.
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